Installation of electrical panels

Operational iter : realization of electrical panels with CE certification of the panel

01. Listening to customer requests, also called supply limits:

The customer only requires the realization of the physical panel, that is the hardware engineering.

The customer requests the realization of the automation part, that is the software engineering.

The customer requires both services, ie software + hardware.

The customer requires the additional installation service of the complete panel.

02. Offer preparation

03. Acceptance of the offer by the customer which becomes a purchase order

04. Request documentation for first engineering preparation through a KOM: preliminary meeting with the project team and the project client. This meeting would follow the definition of the basic elements for the project and other project planning activities.

05. Preparation before hardware, software and DCS engineering. A typical DCS architecture provides a 5-level hierarchical structure, which includes the system to be controlled (level 0, also called “field”) and four control levels.

06. Customer approval

07. Software and hardware and DCS software development

08. Integrated test IAT (Internal Acceptance Test) / FAT (Factory Acceptance test)

09 Transport

10 SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

11 Plant start-up